Safe Work Procedure / Practice Writing

CICT provides direct procedure and practice writing services as well as providing training to companies who wish to write their own procedures and practices.

CICT uses a critical task analysis matrix to identify & rank tasks which require a Safe Work Procedure, Safe Work Practice, or Safe Work Plan. Procedures/Practices are custom designed & site specific. Content areas include but are not limited to: Purpose; Prerequisites; Workforce; Parts; Precautions; Steps; Implementation, Interpretation, & Updating; and Approval.

Procedure/ Practice writing workshops are custom designed and vary in length and content depending on the specific needs of the client.

Environmental Health & Safety Services

CICT provides companies with:
EH&S Manuals tailored to company’s specific needs
EH&S Supervisory Training (Re: Private/individual Training on EH&S Program Implementation)
EH&S Audits related to existing company standards

Alcohol & Drug Testing Collection

CICT Calgary is an accredited collection site by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada (DATAC) which is recognized across Canada as the “gold standard”.

Our Breath Alcohol & Urine Specimen Testing conforms with the Canadian Model For Providing a Safe Workplace: Drug and Alcohol Guidelines And Work Rule v5.0 the most recent version of the Canadian Model released by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA). In addition, our testing procedures and equipment are approved to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.