LIFT TRUCK (Sliding Telescopic Boom)

Sliding Boom is a one-day workshop that covers the following topic areas:
• Elements of a Sliding Boom
• Safety and Inspection
• Refueling
• The Principles of a Zoom Boom – Counterbalance / Centre of Gravity
• Vehicle Capacity (Load Charts)
• Safe Operations of a Zoom Boom
• Shutdown Procedures


The purpose of this training session is to present industry training requirements to ensure correct utilization, safe and efficient operation of lift trucks in order to reduce incidents in the field.

Successful completion of this training material should ensure that participants have sufficient knowledge to safely operate a forklift and telehandler and meet Alberta Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements regarding lift truck operations. This course is for the end user and follows the Alberta best practices / CSA standards with regards to Forklifts. Certifications are 3 years in duration.  CICT is also able to offer competency testing on all equipment courses that we instruct and is at additional cost, please see our pricing or call the local office in your area.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, you will:

  • Show knowledge of the legislation and standards
  • Demonstrate proficiency in locating, identifying, and describing functions of components of a forklift and Telehandler
  • Perform a pre-use inspection on a forklift and telehandler
  • Show proficiency in safely operating a forklift and telehandler